Investigating officer will send collected evidence on SD card or device itself to the court and the court sends it to the expert to verify the genuineness of the photos and videos and collects it back. All transfers are physical. Once the video or pic file is sent to the cloud and file should move virtually.

  • Once the file (video or photo) leaves the device and goes into the cloud, IO should not have control of the file. It goes into the command of the court. Only magistrate can move it forward to a forensic expert for opinion online. The expert will receive the access to the file, examines and sends it back with his certificate attached (on the same cloud)
  • The photo taken should have the picture in picture option (i.e the IO officer who captures the photo at the SOC should be embedded on the picture taken at the SOC
  • The device/software should have the videos switched with the IO remarks at the start of the video and end of the video, thereby giving his opening and closing comments while recording evidences.
  • IO will lose the control over the file moved to the cloud but he should get a backup stored on the cloud for his downloading or retrieving on the dashboard
  • Credibility of these photographs and Videos is questionable, because photos can be photo shopped, Videos can be morphed, and the fact that Hash Value protection shall be established beyond any doubt at any point of time from recording from place of crime to the end point that is court
  • Tamperproof Hash value should be captured from the moment the video is recorded or photo is captured, hash value to be calculated using sha512 and should be stored. The initial hash value created, should be reproduced while retrieving the videos/pictures (Let it be copied from the device to another computer with special software to transfer the same, or directly accessed from the cloud or a CD or USB is made the Hash Value shall remain the same)
  • A tamper proof device should avail with software lock so that video can be recorded, transferred but can’t be edited
  • Should have Geo Stamp on Video and Photo to prove the location, device to have 4G/LTE and an active SIM with good connectivity on each device
  • Time Stamp with date need to be tracked to prove the time of recording
  • GD or FIR Number should be displayed on every video and photo for clarity
  • Device should be rugged, water and shock proof
  • Should avail a big screen for the person to select the FIR number and to enter the name of the witness, Aadhaar number (eKYC biometric authentication with an in build finger print device on the tablet)
  • A small screen on back side for the witness to see what is being recorded
  • Both side should avail Cameras and flash light for low light conditions, or external video lights for extreme dark conditions
  • Should have Noise cancellation Mics on both the sides to record questions and answers
  • Other accessories like tripods for shooting longer videos at SOC or evidence collection
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Oculus Application

Oculus field kit is tablet hardware and app combo used to capture video-based statements and phots of crime scene evidence. This field kit hardware is tamper proof, rugged and has network connectivity to connect and transfer the captured data to other storage devices (SD Cards, PC over USB and Cloud) with full security.


  1. A permanent and lasting record of the witness’s statement is created.
  2. The IO cannot be accused of coercing the witness since the video is always recorded.
  3. The Police officer can become more efficient, as recording an audio-video consumes less time than writing down the statement.
  4. The body language of the person can be ascertained to provide much needed insights into the veracity of the witness statements.
  5. The faith of the general public in the criminal investigation system and the practices of the police will increase.